Selecting Interior Design Elements With Your Customer | 3 Preparation Tips

When it comes to selecting design elements for a new cab interior, building owners or people responsible for managing their project often aren’t aware of what limitations they have. You may feel inundated with information about various cab interior systems, and with the advancement of technology, the decision process has become much more complicated.

Here are some basic tips to help you get the interior design process started on the right foot. 

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“G&R is a great company represented by great people and we appreciate your professionalism, quality of work, flexibility and just being down to earth good people.”

   —Pat Riley, CEI, Metro Elevator, Inc.


custom etching on elevator wall panel wall

G&R Adds Major Renovation At Historic Old Chicago Post Office To Project Portfolio.

The Old Chicago Main Post Office building has been through a lot. Built in 1921, expanded in 1932, and vacated in 1997, the building has remained vacant despite numerous attempts at renovation and redevelopment. It’s a large and spacious building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and featured in multiple Hollywood blockbusters, yet for nineteen years efforts to utilize the vacated space kept falling through. In 2016, however, New York-based 601W Companies began work on their master plan: turning the building into a sprawling riverfront mixed-use office space, complete with restaurants, shops, entertainment, and a rooftop park.

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A photo of a custom elevator cab outfitted with patterned stainless steel sidwalls, the rear wall features 2 custom graphics of wood carved cuckoo clocks annealed on an interlayer of white, back-painted safety glass completed in 2013 by G&R Custom Cabs.

Elevator Interior Maintains Fresh-made Quality at Historic Landmark Building in Minneapolis

We dropped in to visit a facility that was renovated 3 years prior and found the elevator interiors looking great. The project began in 2012 when our Sales Director, John Omorean, was invited to assess the conditions of the existing elevator cabs and determine what extent of work would be required to modernize them.

A recent elevator cab interior modernization using G&R's EPIC Solution Series 501e.

EPIC Solution Lightweight Elevator Cab Interior Modernization DGB, MN

The Designer’s Guild Building (DGB) is a six-story warehouse building located in the North Loop Warehouse District in Minneapolis, MN. The owner selected and slightly customized an EPIC Solution system, design #GR802e, and chose Wilsonart® standard finish Laminate in two-tone color (Columbian Walnut & Blond Echo). For added protection against damage, the wall panels are encased with stainless steel binder angles.

Northwestern University Bienen School of Music | Evanston, IL. © G&R Custom Elevator Cabs, 2352 Station Parkway NW Minneapolis, MN 55304

Evolving Interior Design for 3 Uniquely Sized Elevator Cabs at Northwestern University, IL, is not an Issue for G&R Custom Elevator Cabs

The Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University, IL exemplifies the logic behind choosing a custom elevator cab manufacturer with the experience and skill to provide both; creative engineering design solutions and attentive client service. This article explains some detailed information about the project, the architect’s unique vision, and obstacles faced in this custom project.

Industry Veteran, Dave Flint talks about why he specified G&R during his career

“…You don’t always have that luxury [of planning] when you work in [the] schools–because somebody runs a cart through the back wall of an elevator because they didn’t know how to load it to start with, as an example. So, you rely on people that you do business with externally to help you out. As I said earlier, G&R has always done that…it’s been good.”