A recent elevator cab interior modernization using G&R's EPIC Solution Series 501e.

EPIC Solution Lightweight Elevator Cab Interior Modernization DGB, MN

The Designer’s Guild Building (DGB) is a six-story warehouse building located in the North Loop Warehouse District in Minneapolis, MN. The owner selected and slightly customized an EPIC Solution system, design #GR802e, and chose Wilsonart® standard finish Laminate in two-tone color (Columbian Walnut & Blond Echo). For added protection against damage, the wall panels are encased with stainless steel binder angles.

Northwestern University Bienen School of Music | Evanston, IL. © G&R Custom Elevator Cabs, 2352 Station Parkway NW Minneapolis, MN 55304

Evolving Interior Design for 3 Uniquely Sized Elevator Cabs at Northwestern University, IL, is not an Issue for G&R Custom Elevator Cabs

The Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University, IL exemplifies the logic behind choosing a custom elevator cab manufacturer with the experience and skill to provide both; creative engineering design solutions and attentive client service. This article explains some detailed information about the project, the architect’s unique vision, and obstacles faced in this custom project.