We dropped in to visit a facility that was renovated 3 years prior and found the elevator interiors looking great. The project began in 2012 when our Sales Director, John Omorean, was invited to assess the conditions of the existing elevator cabs and determine what extent of work would be required to modernize them.

Unfortunately, much of the buildings’ architectural detail was lost through numerous years of remodeling and the elevator cabs had to be completely replaced. The result was four new elevator cabs with custom interiors, including handrails and ceilings. The interior finishes are comprised of textured stainless steel, custom graphics, and safety glass. The cabs’ rear walls feature two large elevated glass wall panels displaying carved cuckoo clocks. The cuckoo clock graphics sit on an interlayer of white, back-painted safety glass. The lower T-frame ceilings include lay-in panels are composed of aluminum. Stainless steel reveals lie beneath and between each wall panel preventing passengers from viewing the (undecorated) cab shell walls.

Note: Textured stainless steel is a smart material to incorporate into elevators because the woven look of the embossed surface hides fingerprints & scratches, softens glare and reduces friction—resulting in longer lasting panels and lower maintenance costs.


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