Many of us are accustomed to regular meetings in some form, however alternative methods of communicating can provide effective results–and it allows people the flexibility to turn their attention to matters at times when they’re best in-tune.

For example, a while back, we hosted a pre-construction mock-up at our facility and a key member of the design team couldn’t attend. Being that the cabs were very sophisticated, G&R wanted to assure that there were no surprises—in regard to code, material, or construction. To overcome this minor obstacle, G&R produced a short video reviewing each and every detail of the cab interior. Seeing the video gave the absent team member a solid understanding of how the work would be executed and how the interior would function.

Seeing a design on paper or in a rendered image is one thing—seeing it in person is another. This project lent itself well to a mock-up because each custom cab was a different size and encompassed distinct arrangements of trim bars, reveals and wall panel edges.