With a continued focus on improving the guest experience, the Double Tree Hotel in St. Paul, MN, recently completed elevator modernization involving an overhaul of elevator machinery, equipment, and elevator interiors.

The hospitality manager selected an interior design that reflected the look of the hotels’ lobby, a #GR602e. From afar you see blocks of color reminiscent of the hotels’ lobby, venture closer–and you’ll experience the warm tones of wood grain (Formica®) beneath a suspended, lightweight island ceiling. The elevator wall panel edges are trimmed with 16-gauge stainless steel, adding visual interest and protecting the panel edges from lifting and chipping. At the base of the cab, a four-inch stainless steel kick-plate guards the lower panels against dents and dings.

The service contractor selected G&R’s elevator interior system and process, EPIC Solution, for the project. Choosing EPIC Solution for an elevator modernization such as this is a smart choice if you want to more narrowly pinpoint what installation labor costs will be. Our customers say that they can install an EPIC Solution system in 2-4 hours.


Double Tree Hotel


Three EPIC Solution Elevator Interiors

An EPIC Solution system, wall panel design #GR602e, complements the modern lobby of this recently renovated St. Paul hotel. Warm tones populate the upper wall panels including the visible area of the lightweight island ceilings. The lower wall sections feature black laminate which lends itself well to concealing scuff marks from unsuspecting passengers. The wall panel edges are trimmed in stainless steel—not only adding visual interest but also protection against lifting and chipping. 4″ stainless steel kick-plates guard the lower panel areas against dents and dings at the base of the interiors.


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