G&R fabricates custom elevator cabs and interiors

From the cab shell walls to the cab interior surfaces, G&R will construct your cab to meet your requirements.
Don’t need a complete cab? No problem! we can supply individual items to suit your needs. Examples would be: wall panels, handrails, suspended ceilings.

Our Story

G&R Custom Elevator Cabs was founded in 1978 as G&R Elevator Manufacturing, Inc., by two elevator industry veterans, Gary Mundis, and Ron Hudak, who saw an opportunity to provide quality products at fair prices while providing the highest level of customer service.

In 2012, the company was purchased by two-second generation employees and leaders, Ken Persons Jr. and Steve Hudak, who are committed to upholding the values that earned G&R it’s highly respected position in the elevator industry today.

We believe our success is due to our focus on G&R’s founding philosophy in every phase of our projects—to provide quality products at fair prices while providing the highest level of customer service. It is this philosophy that has made us trusted partners of those in the elevator, architecture, and construction communities.

Our Process

Technical and Design Consultation
Alongside Architects, Designers, Consultants, and Contractors, G&R’s Sales team works to fully understand the design vision and project scope while providing unique expertise specific to elevator cab manufacturing. Architectural design concepts or drawings are often shared at this time so that material evaluation and sourcing can begin. For projects with a high degree of complexity, a Project Engineer may become involved. At times, G&R provides photorealistic images and/or 3D model renderings to illustrate complex designs. If this applies to your project, please ask your Sales Engineer for more details regarding product visualization.

Site Survey (if requested)
Depending on the project, you might need assistance in gathering data about your elevator cab(s). For an additional cost, we can send one of our engineers to the job site to collect the necessary information.

Cost Estimation
Upon receiving architectural drawings and scope details, our Sales Engineers will collect necessary information from external suppliers and prepare a detailed proposal. You can request a quote or place an order by contacting our Sales department at 877-603-5352, or by email, sales@gandrcustomcabs.com. You can also request quotes via our online Request A Quote form, and upload digital drawings and other supporting files with your quote request.

Material Samples & Approvals
When specific materials are involved, it is customary for the architect or designer to provide G&R with the necessary control samples of the specialized materials. Sometimes a control sample is generic in that there is no specific material vendor requirement, but instead, the visual appearance of the sample is the guiding factor. In such cases, G&R produces suitable or matching material samples for approval. Often, as in the case of wood veneer samples, more than one sample is provided to define a permissible range of color and alleviate unnecessary, expensive mistakes and delays.

Approval Drawings
Approval drawings that include dimensions and installation details are prepared with SolidWorks.  The drawings are sent to the elevator contractor for approval before production begins.

Mock-Up (additional cost)
A first production run mock-up may occur for review of workmanship after approval of materials or design. Mock-ups are helpful for the project team—to ensure that the elevator cab design exhibits their vision, meets functional requirements, and will meet customer expectations.

All of the planning and preparation culminates in fabrication, as our team of highly experienced craftsman produces the highest quality components turning concepts into reality. Our production team takes great care in material logistics to assure that an excellent finished product remains that way until it reaches the job site.

Packaging & Shipping
G&R ships locally, domestically, and overseas, and will utilize safe packaging methods to assure your products and parts arrive in pristine condition.

Working with G&R, you’ll find that our staff is here to answer questions and provide insight at any stage of your project. From sales to engineering to fabrication—we’re here every step of the way.