G&R Elevator announces EPIC Solution, a new cab interior product designed to simplify installation and reduce installation time for elevator field personnel.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — G&R Elevator (www.gandrcustomcabs.com), a trusted name in the elevator industry known for producing high-end custom cabs, standard cabs, and interiors for new construction and modernization projects, announced today that it has expanded its interior elevator products offering.

New product, the EPIC Solution is a patent pending wall panel clipping system and process that eliminates the struggles elevator field personnel commonly face during cab interior installation jobs. The system reduces time by minimizing the number of steps previously required during an installation.

EPIC Solution meets elevator contractors project time constraints while also providing added flexibility in material selection and wall panel orientation versatility–the wall panels can be oriented vertically or horizontally, a feature not often available in modular elevator interior products.

“Having spent decades working with elevator contractors and elevator field personnel, I know how important product performance is” says John Omorean, Director of Sales, G&R Elevator.

“Our top priority when developing the EPIC Solution was to help our customers be more successful (in their projects) without compromising our product quality, reliability and flexibility.”

Elevator contractors looking for a higher quality “fast install” elevator interior solution who would like to incorporate a wide variety of panel designs and also alleviate extraneous labor costs can benefit from using EPIC–for more information please visit our website: www.gandrcustomcabs.com.

Media Contact: John Omorean, Director of Sales, G&R Elevator Tel. 763-230-7423
Email: john@gandrcustomcabs.com

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