“Keep Austin weird” inspired the elaborate yet comfortable cab interior design in each with the rear-wall centerpieces featuring printed deer heads on holographic-like vinyl wallpaper made of 5/8” thick sheets measuring 10.6 inches wide by 17 inches long.


The DoubleTree Hotel, Austin, TX, has recently undergone a complete renovation which included an update of elevator cabs in the lobby and parking garage. G&R was invited to partner with DR Cabs, LLC, because of our extensive experience manufacturing custom elevator interiors involving unique, or atypical, architectural materials. One of our specialities is translating unique elevator interior designs into code-compliant end-products that perform realistically while also stay true to the design vision.

The project was set in motion in early November, 2015, and followed a robust timeline:

December 4: Approval Drawings
December 11: Approval of Approval Drawings
December 14: Manufacturing/Production begins
January, 31, 2016: Material shipment

With a vigorous project schedule and tight interior budget, our EPIC Solution system was a great option for this particular project because EPIC Solutions’ system of components, hardware, and panels were precisely engineered & manufactured to work with the existing cab shell. The wall panel dimensions, cores, and edge finish mechanisms were customized to accommodate the architectural materials chosen to carry out the design motif—inspired by the “Keep Austin weird” slogan, a cultural evolution and movement aimed to promote local and community-based organizations 1.

The bronze-edged lower wall panels are made from repurposed leather belts of various size, color, wear, and texture. Textured, low-gloss laminate is applied to the upper upper wall panels. The tall accent trim (located behind the handrails) and the round handrails are composed of lacquered bronze while the reveals (located at each rear corner) and base (located beneath the lower wall panels) are composed of Phenolic Chemetal.

Although not pictured in the photo above each cab interior includes a six-panel island ceiling featuring phenolic Chemetal and linear LED perimeter lights. You can review more photos of this project in our project gallery.