The Designers Guild Building (DGB) is located in the Minneapolis Warehouse District and home to a variety of businesses including creative services firms, restaurants, and local magazine publisher City Pages. During a recent elevator system modernization the main passenger cab interior was updated to refresh & enrich the rusticated brick and timbered mill plank interior using our EPIC Solution 500 Series interior system. The light-weight wall panels, both upper and lower ceilings, and the components weigh #770-lbs. The flush stile and rail design meet ADA requirements leaving 70 ¼” of open space inside the cab. The binder angles, faced with stainless steel, offer added protection and integrate easily with full-depth, recessed reveals.

The Designer’s Guild Building (DGB) is a six-story warehouse building located in the North Loop Warehouse District in Minneapolis, MN. The owner selected and slightly customized an EPIC Solution system, design #GR802e, and chose Wilsonart® standard finish Laminate in two-tone color (Columbian Walnut & Blond Echo). For added protection against damage, the wall panels are encased with stainless steel binder angles.

Interesting features of this EPIC Solution cab interior include:

– Flush stile and rail design

– Full-depth reveals

– Lightweight materials refrain from adding unnecessary weight


This project began early in 2015 when the building owner, alongside KONE, reviewed our Engineered Series Brochure. The brochure presented many design and budget options allowing the owner to easily determine what he wanted. The project progressed with G&R providing approval drawings in March, an elevator cab survey in June and manufacturing in August. KONE installed the interior in September 2015. When glancing at the before photos it’s evident what the positive changes are in this elevator cab interior. The KONE service representative reported that the building owner was, and still is, very pleased with the EPIC Solution cab interior system.


DGBBefore DBGBeforeFloor DGBBeforeWall

Get a closer look at EPIC Solution by watching our DEMO video or visit our project gallery to see photos of the Designer’s Guild Building elevator interior.