Thresher Building-Canopy Hotel

Two (2) Elevator Cabs & Two (2) Cab Interiors

The historic Advance Thresher/Emerson-Newton building, now home to Canopy by Hilton, recently underwent elevator modernization including four elevators. KONE enlisted G&R to conduct a survey and create the custom cabs & interiors for this project which was completed in 2018.

The cabs’ interior design was inspired by Scandinavian imagery and sought to evoke a “hand-crafted residential feel”. G&R assisted the interior design team by sourcing suitable materials and surface treatments in addition to providing photo-realistic renderings — allowing the team to visualize how the customized interiors would appear after installation. Notable design elements that blend seamlessly with the new cab fronts and lightweight ceilings include digitally printed, patterned side wall panels, decorative oak tambour, black handrail(s), and black handrail plates. The wall panels are encased in binder angles which appear non-existent due to the presence of black reveals (at each corner) and bases (beneath the wall panels).


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