Conrad Hotel

Six Custom Elevator Cabs

The newly opened Conrad Hotel welcomes travelers of all generations to a stylish escape. Parkway Elevators installed the new elevator systems and machinery and commissioned G&R to create interiors inspired by Midcentury Modern design. Deep red accents, bronze finishes, millwork, and dramatic lighting echo the glamour and energy associated with this loosely-defined design period.

Beautiful details of this design include wall panels faced and edged with quarter-sawn Beech veneer and red leather, Coffer ceilings, and luminary-style light fixtures. A hinged display panel at the rear of each cab offers hotel staff the ability to change artwork with ease. Reveals, tucked between the wall panels, conceal the cab shell walls while the bases soften the visual impact of regular foot traffic. Reveals, bases, returns, transoms, sills, and door cladding are all composed of Bronze #4 (satin finish).


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