Chicago Athletic Association Hotel (CAA)

Five Custom Elevator Cabs + One Service Cab

The rear walls in cars one, two, three, five, and six each display one original Fencing Club logo surrounded by repurposed piste Maple floor sections (piste is the field of play area within a fencing court). Floor sections were deconstructed and sent to G&R to be evaluated, refinished, and re-manufactured into elevator wall panels.

All the cab walls feature reclaimed floor planks encased in a black-painted surround except for the service cab (number four). The lower elevator wall panels, or wainscot, are faced with ½” rubber and edged in Brass binder angles. The panels are decorated with leather washers and Brass bolts. All cars feature bronze handrails. The lowest portion of the walls and floors are made of bronze-studded rubber. The Suspended lower ceilings are made of perforated painted Steel, Bronze, & Maple. Diffused lighting is present around each ceiling.


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