Malibu East Condominiums

Working with Interface Planning, Inc. and Anderson Elevator, G&R provided six elevator interiors including, doors clads, sills, and returns. The #GR704 Series Traditional design was slightly modified in order to realize a thoughtfully planned vision. A rich blend of surfaces and meticulous craftsmanship complement the condominium’s upscale environment and create a welcoming space for residents.

Charleston pattern bonded metal (dark patina finish) wall panels decorate the cab rear & side walls while a Bronze-tinted mirror glass panel accents the center of the rear wall. The wall panels are edged with 1/8″ medium oxidized Bronze binder angles with a #4 satin finish. Oxidized bronze reveals are visible in the recessed gaps between the panels and on each rear corner (concealing the cab shell). Oxidized Bronze flat bar handrails (3/8″ x 1-1/2″) with returned ends are threaded through full-width handrail panels on the rear and each side wall. Each cab is outfitted with a lightweight suspended island ceiling faced with eight natural Bronze panels (model B4I8). Custom ceiling reveals, made from medium oxidized Bronze, reflect ambient light (emitted from perimeter lights installed on the topside of the ceilings) downward. Direct lighting is provided by eight LED downlights.


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