Richfield Towers Apartments

Two Featherweight Interior Systems

Richfield Towers Apartments is an active 7-story living community with two heavily-used lobby elevators with interiors that were outdated and worn-out after having suffered plenty of unintended abuse from constant traffic. All City Elevator commissioned G&R in June 2017 to survey the site, generate engineering drawings, and manufacture the new interior products to meet the December 2017 completion deadline.

For this facility it was important that the lower wall cladding be extremely resilient and resistant to scratching because many Richfield Towers residents rely on mobility devices while moving around the building. The textured material that was selected is very durable and its textured pattern helps deflect damage and hide nicks and dents.

This Featherweight design (#FW3) incorporates stainless steel vertical and horizontal Feature Trim with decorative Fastener Caps that conceal fastener heads after installation. Projected Base(s) are utilized to conceal the ventilation slots drilled into the wood-core shell walls. Round tube handrails are installed on each rear wall. The Aluminum T-Frame ceilings are composed of three lay-in sections, two of which feature six laser-cut circular shapes and one that contains full-size translucent white diffuser material.


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