RIC – Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

24 Custom Elevator Cabs
Sky Lobby, Visitor, Staff/Logistics, Medical Observation (MOB)

Materials: The rear wall panels and lower ceilings are faced with Avonite® safety glass and are framed in recessed LED lights. Stainless Steel (#4 satin) bar trim placed at 25-inch intervals encourages eye movement toward the back of the cab where the floor indicator and a convex mirror are located. The sidewall panels are faced with Avonite (pictured) or patterned Stainless Steel (Diamond finish) and lie beneath Round Stainless Steel handrails (#4 satin). Stainless Steel (#4 satin) reveals and bases conceal vents and cab shell walls. Although not visible in our photos, each ceiling is equipped with an emergency drop-down exit.


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