Glass Observation Cab (Partial): Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda

Two Partial Glass Observation Cabs+  One Custom Elevator Cab + One Service Cab

The Minnesota State Capitol building underwent historic renovation in 2017 for the first time since the building was constructed in 1905. In 2015, G&R provided preliminary cab design consultation(s), estimates, and design scheme renderings, and produced a miniature mock-up. The Rotunda elevators encompass partial glass doors and rear walls that give passengers clear views of the elegant public spaces and decorative elevator shafts. Each piece of rear wall glass serves as a functioning window only accessible by key. The custom canopies feature coffer ceilings set within crown moldings, with elegant lighting emanating from custom-designed light fixtures mounted at each ceiling’s center section. Vintage-looking accoutrements include Medium Oxidized Bronze Stationary Returns, Extruded Handrails, and Operating Panel Cover Plates.

See photos of the other cabs involved in this project: Governor’s Private Cab & Service Cab


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