Lead Times

From the moment the phone rings to the point at which the materials leave our shop, we want to serve our customers.

Everyone in sales, engineering, and production works to eliminate code, design, fabrication, and installation problems before manufacturing begins.

Your customers will want to see what is being provided, so we utilize the most recent release of SOLIDWORKS to provide detailed drawings to meet your project’s specifications. Electronic drawings can be emailed or hard copies mailed to you. We are aware you need to schedule your work well in advance, so you can rely on us to have consistent manufacturing lead times and on-time shipping.

Our lead times are among the best in the elevator industry and our on-time rate is exceptional. We are usually able to offer faster lead times for the occasional rush project.

When we promise, we deliver.


What To Expect From G&R

  • Professional Service
  • Technical Expertise
  • Unmatched Craftsmanship
  • Innovative Solutions


Technical and Design Consultation
Alongside Architects, Designers, Consultants, and Contractors, G&R’s Sales Engineers work to fully understand the design vision and project scope while providing unique expertise specific to elevator cab manufacturing. Architectural design concepts or drawings are often shared at this time so that material evaluation and sourcing can begin. For projects with a high degree of complexity, a Project Engineer may become involved. At times, G&R provides photorealistic images and/or 3D model renderings to illustrate complex designs. If this applies to your project please ask your Sales Engineer for more details regarding product visualization.

Site Survey (if requested)
Depending on the project, you might need assistance gathering data about your elevator cab(s). For an additional cost, we can send one of our engineers to the job site to gather platform size, cab shell information, upper & lower ceiling type and drop, fan type, lighting type and fixtures, door/clad/opening type/finish, transom type/projection, swing type/dimensions, sill type, strike pocket dimensions and note special conditions. Review our site survey forms available under “Quote Preparation”.

Cost Estimation
Upon receiving architectural drawings and scope details, our Sales Engineers will collect necessary information from external suppliers and prepare a detailed proposal. You can request a quote or place an order by contacting our Sales department at 877-603-5352, by efax 763-269-8507, or by email, sales@gandrcustomcabs.com. You can also request quotes via our online Request A Quote form, and upload digital drawings and other supporting files with your quote request.

Project Award
Terms, scope, and delivery times are reviewed and finalized.

Material Samples & Approvals
To ensure that the project team meets all requirements, G&R obtains samples of materials in the specified finishes and gives them to the representatives responsible for approval of items/order. We believe precise control is essential; in fact, we often provide more than one sample in order to define a permissible range of color and to alleviate unnecessary, expensive mistakes and delays.

We work with professional material suppliers and finishers who deeply understand technicalities and processes associated with material and finish designations, practical appropriateness, and relative costs.

Shop Drawing Preparation
Dimensions and installation details are prepared with SolidWorks and the drawings are sent to the elevator contractor for approval before production begins.

A pre-construction mock-up may occur when a design team wants to ensure that the elevator cab design exhibits their vision, meets functional requirements, and is also manufactured to meet expectations. Mock-ups are also constructed when a team wants to evaluate lighting conditions, make final decisions, and/or unify the design team.

Precise alignment, sharp tool blades and maintained equipment produce the highest quality components, and we ensure our staff are properly trained in welding, fabrication, wood finishing, and metal forming before they begin work. Our production team takes great care in material logistics to assure that an exquisite finished product remains that way until it reaches the job site.

Packaging & Shipping
G&R ships locally, domestically, and overseas, and will utilize the most appropriate packaging techniques to assure your parts arrive in pristine condition. Our products are crated or uncrated depending on their size. In all cases, architectural surfaces and components are protected with removable masking prior to being wrapped with Styrofoam or Polyethylene and carefully placed inside an enclosure.

Large items are placed within a crate that is lined with Styrofoam and is locked in place using Styrofoam-lined wood blocking to prevent shifting during transport. We also place cardboard cushioning between long, flat components if necessary.

SOLIDWORKS drawings, or installation instructions for EPIC Solution, are provided with each shipment, along with a packing slip. Our Customer Service Manager will coordinate the specific details with appropriate parties and provide the tracking number(s) for each project.

You’ll find that our staff are here to answer questions and provide insight at any stage of your project. From sales, to engineering, to fabrication—we’re here every step of the way.


G&R Custom Elevator Cab’s most valuable resource has always been the extensive experience, dedication, and professionalism of our employees. As a result of their efforts and care, your expectations will be met in our products and services.

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