Lead Times

From the moment the phone rings to the point at which the materials leave our shop, we want to serve our customers.

Everyone in sales, engineering, and production works to eliminate code, design, fabrication, and installation problems before manufacturing begins.

Your customers will want to see what is being provided, so we utilize the most recent release of AutoCAD® and SolidWorks® to provide detailed drawings to meet your project’s specifications. Electronic drawings can be emailed or hard copies mailed to you. We are aware you need to schedule your work well in advance, so you can rely on us to have consistent manufacturing lead times and on-time shipping.

Our lead times are among the best in the elevator industry and our on-time rate is exceptional. We are usually able to offer faster lead times for the occasional rush project.

When we promise, we deliver.


What To Expect From G&R

  • Professional Service
  • Technical Expertise
  • Unmatched Craftsmanship
  • Innovative Solutions


G&R Custom Elevator Cab’s most valuable resource has always been the extensive experience, dedication, and professionalism of our employees. As a result of their efforts and care, your expectations will be met in our products and services.

Ken Persons, Jr.


Steve Hudak

Vice President

John Omorean

Director of Sales

Darren Maveus

Sales Engineer

Mike Hollatz

Design Engineer | Manager

Kevin Harris

Senior Design Engineer

Jared Snyder

Customer Service

Kyle Bodie

Design Engineer

Jesse Bumala

Design Engineer
Kasey Peregrin, Office Manager and Bookkeeper at G&R Custom Cabs

Kasey Peregrin

Office Manager