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Project News: G&R adds a major renovation at the historic Old Chicago Post Office to project portfolio.

custom etching on elevator wall panel wall

The Old Chicago Main Post Office building has been through a lot. Built in 1921, expanded in 1932, and vacated in 1997, the building has remained vacant despite numerous attempts at renovation and redevelopment. It’s a large and spacious building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and featured in multiple Hollywood blockbusters, yet for nineteen years efforts to utilize the vacated space kept falling through. In 2016, however, New York-based 601W Companies began work on their master plan: turning the building into a sprawling riverfront mixed-use office space, complete with restaurants, shops, entertainment, and a rooftop park.

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Can I Provide My Own Elevator Glass?

Getting glass in an elevator is simply not just “getting a few pieces of glass” for the cab walls, it’s actually getting many pieces, the interlayer (+ special design elements/etching, etc.) and mounting/sealing them within a frame, at the specified size. If you have an opportunity to have a conversation with a custom #elevator cab sales engineer (who can give you the facts early in your project) you’ll have a better idea of what you can do regardless of budget or design based projects.

Great Sales Engineers will spend time educating people before and during preliminary project planning because the nature of the work itself is complicated–there are many questions that need answers before a project can progress. Director of Sales, John Omorean, shares a short “behind the scenes” experience that’s not so uncommon in custom elevator cab project planning.

Elevator Cab Anatomy Series: The Basics of Binder Angles

Do You Know What Binder Angles Are and What Kind Are Appropriate for Your Elevator Wall Panels?

Binder Angles impact the aesthetic of an elevator interior design and they’re an advantageous element of it. In our Cab Anatomy Series Article: The Basics of Binder Angles, you’ll learn what kind of Binder Angles are appropriate for certain cab conditions.

CAA: Back In Style

Elevator companies G&R Custom Elevator Cabs of Andover, Minnesota, and Parkway Elevators had a hand in the transformation of the historic Chicago Athletic Association (CAA) into a luxury hotel.
This project was featured in the November 2016 issue of Elevator World.

“Keep Austin Weird” Inspired EPIC Solution Elevator Cab Interior at Texas Hotel

photo courtesy of

The DoubleTree Hotel, Austin, TX, has recently undergone a complete renovation which included an update of elevator cabs in the lobby and parking garage. G&R was invited to partner with DR Cabs, LLC, because of our extensive experience manufacturing custom elevator interiors involving unique, or atypical, architectural materials. One of our specialities is translating unique elevator […]

A Customized Elevator Interior Design at State Senate Building

The Minnesota Senate Building located in the historic Minnesota State Capitol District of St. Paul came together in just 20-short months of construction. The project exceeded cost and schedule goals by utilizing design-build methodologies. To mirror the goals outlined for this project, the installing elevator service contractor utilized our EPIC Solution elevator interior design system […]

Communicating Elevator Cab Design Through Video

Communicating Elevator Interior Design Mock-Up Detail Through Video by G&R Custom Elevator Cabs

The pace of custom projects today require flexibility in the ways that teams communicate–especially in a world where information is readily available. Many of us are accustomed to regular meetings in some form, however alternative methods of communicating can provide effective results–and it allows people the flexibility to turn their attention to matters at times […]

G&R Attends 19th Annual Elevator U Conference 2016

Jared Snyder, Customer Service Manager, and John Omorean, Sales Director attend Elevator U Conference in Quincy, IL

June 20, 2016 John Omorean, Director of Sales and Jared Snyder, Customer Service Manager attended the 19th Annual Elevator U Conference in Quincy, IL from June 20-23, 2016. Every year Elevator U brings top industry professionals among colleges, public agencies, and public institutions, together with suppliers of the industry.    

Specialty Custom Elevator Sr. Design Engineer, Kevin Harris

Photo of Kevin Harris Senior Design Engineer at G&R Custom Elevator Cabs

Kevin Harris is our Senior Design Engineer at G&R. He has been involved in specialty elevator cab projects for nearly all of his 38 years in the elevator industry. In 1978 he began working at H&B as a part time blueprint runner. It wasn’t long after he started at H&B when Barry Miller hired him […]

“The two old elevator interiors were outdated, and damaged. They hadn’t been updated since 1990.”

The full-depth reveals and corners used in this design are also stainless steel (#4). The new ceiling allows the facility manager to easily access and change the LED bulbs and is a light-weight suspended island frame also faced with sections of stainless steel (#4). The South car features the same accoutrements, but is smaller in size.

  After four years of funding redirection the two elevator interiors (North and South cars) at Hamilton House public housing apartments in St. Louis Park, MN have finally been updated. Working with municipalities, in this case, the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA), requires elevator contractors to have laser sharp focus on cost control–which is a serious concern in any […]

EPIC Solution Lightweight Elevator Cab Interior Modernization DGB, MN

A recent elevator cab interior modernization using G&R's EPIC Solution Series 501e.

  The Designer’s Guild Building (DGB) is a six-story warehouse building located in the North Loop Warehouse District in Minneapolis, MN. The owner selected and slightly customized an EPIC Solution system, design #GR802e, and chose Wilsonart® standard finish Laminate in two-tone color (Columbian Walnut & Blond Echo). For added protection against damage, the wall panels are encased with Stainless Steel Binder […]

Is There Anything More Disappointing Than Trying to Manage Your Elevator Project and Dealing with People Who Are Negative, Unresponsive, or Disrespectful?

Thankfully, it’s been a while since we’ve dealt with partners or suppliers that kill our enthusiasm and productivity. But we’ve all had experiences working with people who can be described as a “can’t do” person. And “can’t do” people have the capacity to bring project teams down, potentially moving the team from worthy to unworthy […]

A Look Behind the Lens With G&R Staff: Mike Hollatz, Manufacturing Design Engineer

Photo of Mike Hollatz, Manufacturing Design Engineer/Project Manager

If your work involves commissioning contractors and/or coordinating activities for construction projects involving elevator cabs, you’ll appreciate the detailed approach and technical focus that our Manufacturing Design Engineer & Project Manager, Mike Hollatz, brings to our team. With 18-years of architectural, civil and mechanical engineering experience in addition to 8-years with G&R alone, Mike’s frame […]

Evolving Interior Design for 3 Uniquely Sized Elevator Cabs at Northwestern University, IL, is not an Issue for G&R Custom Elevator Cabs

a photo from beneath a custom elevator ceiling with unique perimeter lights and veneer.

The Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University, IL exemplifies the logic behind choosing a custom elevator cab manufacturer with the experience and skill to provide both; creative engineering design solutions and attentive client service. This article explains some detailed information about the project, the architect’s unique vision, and obstacles faced in this custom project.

Industry Veteran, Dave Flint talks about why he specified G&R during his career

Photo of Mr. Dave Flint at Elevator U 2015

“…You don’t always have that luxury [of planning] when you work in [the] schools–because somebody runs a cart through the back wall of an elevator because they didn’t know how to load it to start with, as an example. So, you rely on people that you do business with externally to help you out. As I said earlier, G&R has always done that…it’s been good.”

Elevator Business Flourishes in Andover

G&R, approaching 37 years in the business, has made more than 11,000 custom cabs, by John Omorean’s very rough estimate. One recent project is very close to home — upgrading the Anoka County Government Center’s seven elevators — while another is for a client thousands of miles away — a financial center in Abu Dhabi.